links for 2009-11-06


Succeeding with Agile

Ahoi! Long time no see! :)

Sorry for the lack of writing the past few weeks, I simply haven’t found anything that I wanted to blog about. Today though, when reading my feeds, I stumbled on a post from Mike Cohn promoting his newly published book. In short, you can win a copy of his new book “Succeeding with Agile” by leaving a piece of advice in the post’s comments:

To win, enter as a comment to this post the one most valuable bit of advice you would give to a team that wanted to succeed with agile. I will pick the one bit of advice I like best and send the author a copy of the book. I will also pick a second winner at random from those who submit. So, you’ve got two chances to win so let’s hear your best one bit of advice.

My piece of advice is the following: “Know why you are willing to walk down this path.” Once you know, you’ll be able to make the right decisions as to what practices to adopt, remind people in the organization in case of doubts and most importantly stay focused on what you and the team have defined as the reasons for the change.


Landshuter Hochzeit 2009

Time for a culture break today and to discover a bit of the Bavarian culture at its best.

The Lansdhuter Hochzeit is a huge celebration that takes place every 4 years in Landshut, Bavaria. It celebrates the wedding of George the Rich (son of the Duke of Landshut) and Jadwiga (daughter of the King of Poland) which took place in 1475.

For this occasion, a big part of the Landshuters are letting their hair grow and dress-up like people did then. Everything must look authentic and comply to the strict rules of the association that organizes the event. A small village is also built to reconstruct the way things looked like at that time and how people celebrated this wedding by eating, drinking and watching the infamous knight fights.

The result is a beautiful city full of colors and people celebrating this ancestral ceremony with lots to drink and eat.

I took plenty of pictures and put a small selection online:

Doing a small search for “laho” will show you a few more…


Books to get started with Agile / Scrum

Just heard about agile software development or Scrum and want to know more about it? Here are 3 books which will get you started and maybe tempt you to take the blue pill:

1. Agile and Iterative Development: A Manager’s Guide: This one gives you a high level overview of everything agile, including Scrum. Good to get a first basic understanding of agile principles and methodologies / practices around town.

2. Agile Project Management with Scrum: This is the reference book on Scrum written by Ken Schwaber. A must read for anyone who has already a pretty good idea of agile principles and is considering Scrum.

3. For the German speaking audience, Boris Gloger’s book “Scrum: Produkte schnell und zuverlässig entwickeln” provides excellent materials. For the record: I was lucky to have Boris as my trainer for my CSM training.

What would you recommend for someone willing to know more about agile software development?