3 for 3 please!

A little anecdote of my trip to Timi┼čoara:

Arrived at the local airport, me and my fellow colleagues quickly made our way through the passport check. It was around 13:30 and the sun was shining. It was quite a hot day actually, I remember having to take my jacket off.

Peter is leading the way out of the airport, where our taxis will be waiting for us. It was just 5 of us, instead of 7, as 2 got caught in Munich and couldn’t make it for the trip…

We arrive outside the building and after about 10 minutes, a taxi driver approaches us and tells us he is there with a colleague to drive us to our offices. We’re ready to go, the first 2 decide to jump in the car. The 3 remaining, including myself, will take the next one. The driver is actually already here and comes to us directly: “is it just the 3 of you?” he asks in a mix of Romanian and unclear gestures. We nod, unsure about what the driver was attempting to ask…

The driver looks puzzled. He decides anyway to take us to his car which was parked a few meters away. Looks like we’re ready to go too: luggage in the boot and we all take place. I get the front seat. He takes his radio and seems to tell the taxi company’s HQ that all is okay and he is about to leave…

A woman answers back. The taxi driver replies. She asks another question. The taxi driver answers. He looks at me and tells me something that didn’t make much sense: “blabli blublu blala college blabli bla machina…“. Huh? He tries again… Mhm… It seems another taxi is on the way. Fair enough I say. He starts the engine and takes the direction of the our offices. Finally!

After 5 minutes and more radio conversations he stops the car. We are all wondering what is going on… He looks at me and tells me something which I understood: “you guys have actually booked 3 taxis and only have used 2…“. I can’t believe what I’m hearing. “My colleague is already on the way, he should be here in 2 minutes. 1 of you will have to get out of this taxi and go with him, so that all 3 taxis you have booked will be used“.

I tried my best to talk to him but unsuccessfully: 2 minutes later I had to resignate. I stepped out of the car and went to the other taxi, just so we use the 3 taxis that were ordered, and they can probably make an extra Leu or 2.

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