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Why the PMP Certification?

This morning I officially became PMP Certified. As an agile-enthusiast (or maybe preacher) I never thought this would have ever happened. I’d like to share briefly the reasons of this choice in this post:

* First of all, the current economic crisis requires constant improvement: if you want to stand out of the lot, you need to differentiate yourself and always continue to develop your skills and competencies. If you don’t do that, somebody else is going to eat your lunch. Am I going to let that happen? No way!!

* Secondly only focusing on one aspect or vision about a specific topic can never be a positive thing. Broadening your knowledge can provide perspective and help you make the right decisions. Although Scrum has been at the center of my daily work for about 2 years now, I wanted to compare PMBOK and Scrum and see what differences / commonalities there are. Maybe I’ll write about this…

* Finally I would say that project management is also about picking the right set of guidelines (or call it framework / standards) to allow successful delivery of a project. There is no silver bullet – Scrum isn’t, PMBOK isn’t, Prince2 isn’t, therefore a great project manager will know when to use which methodology to make the most of the project team and get customer satisfaction.

Let’s see what’s next…

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